Friday, March 20, 2015

Necronomicon Excerpt

"That is not dead which can eternal lie but with strange eons even death may die.

The sleeping dreams from death-from deep under the deep, the cold and lifeless breath; outward tendrils creep.

The demon from the stars fallen to the earth; bound by sheol's bars, mother godess birth.

Rage and chaos, savage spawn, no kind thing earth-blood is drawn.

Silent now doth she sleep in all our ways must we keep.

Giants dragons monsters men, no goddess of flowers, goddess of them.

Beauty beyond compare for majesty not lust, fear the ground beneath your feet never in it trust.

Fill your eyes with tears, gnash away you teeth, be not ignorant of this thing sleeping underneath.

Though a thousand deaths should we die not one offers pain until she wakes and with her wrath become our very bane.

Remember intimate; true majesty, power, the divine, we have lost our sense of awe in sheol we shall dine.

Look upon the sky and know the creating hand, feel the dragon's fire, we go to an unknown land.

Cross the desert's vast expanse or climb the mighty mount, swim the raging river but durst not misaccount.

Immortals and gods we entertain, those who drink our wine, for never dying do we live by resurrection we're divine.

Learn the ways of unending men, wonder at their skill not to live but never die are they moral still?

You hold the key to truth, it leads to burning lands, purify thy purest self then before them stand.

Remember your mortality, from all of earth abstain, fragile impermanence, all we've wrought is vain.

All life requires death all death requires life, life requires sacrifice, which ever causes strife.

The sweetest love the foulest hate we know not such things nor could we create.

Children laughing playing praying underneath their death is waiting.

The winds blow the trees sigh the shadows dance as the sun dies.

Under eternal eclipse, frozen mist of time, celestial clockhand ships dream of the sublime.

Inquisitive carnal knowledge, fire fans the flame, ever lapping passion, oceans are not tame.

From eternal sight shall we ever fall, dreams of dreams are coming to us all."

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