Monday, August 10, 2009

take heart, before its broken. its worth it.

the blur of emotions, the torrent of colors and fire, the base of pain it brings you closer and closer, TO ROCKS, sharp rocks. fly with me, ill take your soul, fall with me, ill make you whole- trust me, hurt you, hurt me, again, again.. again again. we dance, we fly, we twirl, we cry, we know that one day we'll be rescued and we hope even though were doing everything wrong he'll take us anyway. hell take us anyway. take heart, before its broken. its worth it. take heart, before its stolen. its worth it. look at the stars, he that made them, he she, her him.. he can throw you away like a broken peice of clay that no one would look at. it couldve been a masterpiece, but the clay didnt have the patience. so now, its more broken than when it started. cast into the fire because it wasnt good enough. because when the mason took it up and knew it wasnt good enough, he took it with him, just so it could lie desolate in the fireplace, with the ash. the ash. ash. embers. coal. wood fire. souls dancing. flames licking. wet kisses. worth nothing. WHY DID HE PICK UP THE CLAY WHEN HE KNEW HE WOULDNT USE IT? so we break it, we break us. we are so broken. because, we dont want to be anything
at all
lost and so confused
wheres the help?
fly away, fall away, till were dashed on the rocks. lets just sit on the rocks and have a picnic instead. that way we wont have as far to fall and it wont hurt if we do.


  1. Ben, is this original? Amazing stuff.

  2. completly original, except for i think two lines, wich i stole from one of annettes songs (which i was listening to at the time) "lost and so confused, wheres the help?"